1st edition | Italy calls Europe!

July 24 - 26 _ 2020

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Although the Covid emergency is a global challenge that hit each and everyone of us, some countries, some sectors, some individuals, are now more vulnerable than others.

The cultural sector in Italy is facing a major crisis, in which categories, approaches and tools might have to change completely to foster new participation in and for communities. This is why Compagnia di San Paolo has decided to ask Italian professionals and cultural organisation connected to their network, to open a major conversation with their European peers, by launching together with the European Cultural Foundation and Itinerari Paralleli, a two day hackathon for culture! An opportunity to meet (digitally), foster networks, shape projects and create new opportunities for cultural solidarity and participation!

Under four main challenges, Italian professionals and organisations can apply (deadline July 22nd at 12:00 pm) and present an idea or project asking their European peers for skills, competences, networks or simply an inspiring brainstorming! What are you waiting for?! Jump in Hack4Cult and start shaping your cultural future...


Audience&Participation in the post-Covid era

Audience & Participation in the Covid era

Social distancing, trust loss and economic crisis are redefining physical cultural participation. How can we engage audience, when our audience is now like never far away from our touch?!

Digital solutions for physical emotions

Digital solutions for physical emotions

An opportunity, an alternative or a constrain? The digital dimension of art and culture in the past months has experimented a wide variety of solutions to move emotions online and keep spectators engaged. What’s the future of the relation between the cultural sector and digital ecosystems?

Resilient models for sustainability

Resilient models for sustainability

The economic crisis is evident and for all to see. The long term consequences of income loss and unemployment will probably be the most challenging effect of this pandemic. Cultural sector and related production chain could be left on their knees. How to react and redefine economic models for sustainability in the post Covid era?

Art&Space, new physical paradigms

Art&Space, new physical paradigms

Don’t stop attending theaters, cinemas, concerts and all cultural venues! This is what we ask our communities. But is this call to action enough? How can we reshape cultural spaces, integrating new services, functions and approaches to live experience?

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How it works

We ask Italian cultural organisation and professionals to apply with an idea or draft project under a one of the 4 challenges. In a second phase European peers will apply and step in to join an idea or project and create a Working Table (WT) with Italian pals. On July 24th and 25th each WT will have a webinar room for live sessions, a cloud repository to share materials and a digital management tool for interaction and workflow.

  • For each WT, a Mentor will be in charge of the workflow and will be the contact point for the organisers
  • After 48h all WTs will upload their project format that will be shown on the event website for follow-up networking, advocacy and funding opportunities

Hack4Cult Call


In order to participate

  • Good written and oral knowledge of English
  • Minimum skills in the use of digital tools and softwares
  • Commitment for the online presence in the scheduled days/hours of the event
  • Be willing to share ideas, design tools and competences with the working groups that will be created for the event

Hack4Cult final results!

Check the ideas presented as a result of Hack4Cult. After three days of co-design and idea generation, 6 teams of Italian and European professionals produced or adapted, guided by a mentor and with the support of business clinics sessions with experts, six projects focusing on cultural participation. To know more about the projects and the Hack4Cult process please contact team@hack4cult.eu.

In the next months, one or more of these projects might be evaluated for further support and visibility by institutional partners of the event. Stay tuned!


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CulturAgile - participation without barriers
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CED (Culture Education and Development) #ArtEmotionalExperience

CED (Culture Education and Development) #ArtEmotionalExperience Watch the video
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SOUNDBY - a digital platform for music
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